pulse care pharmacy

Pharmacogenomic Testing & Analysis

Pulse care pharmacy

Pharmacogenomic Testing & Analysis

What is Pharmacogenomic ?

Pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing allows healthcare professionals to write personalized prescriptions(medicines) and determine optimal dosages based on an individual’s DNA, maximizing the likelihood of effectiveness and minimizing the risk of adverse reactions.

Benefits of Pharmacogenomic DNA Analysis:

Identify the high-risk medication that should not be used or have a dose adjustment

Improve therapeutic efficacy and come of therapy

Improve quality of life reduce hospitalization due to adverse drug reactions.

Select the best medication for new treatment.

Why Choose Pulse Care ?

We provide a comprehensive analysis of your DNA report by Pharmacogenomic Expert along with Nutrition & Immunotherapy.

Professional support Before, during, and after testing and analysis.

We provide the most detailed reports & and recommendations.

One stop wellness center for all your basic medical care

Want to learn more about your DNA, personalized medication, nutrition, and wellness

Book Free 10 Min Consult with our Pharmacogentic & Nutrigenetic Expert

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