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Welcome to your local friendly Multi-Disciplinary

Pulse Care Pharmacy and Travel Clinic

Your one-stop for family care

Our experienced Clinical Pharmacists provide comprehensive consultations and services to help you feel your best. Pulse Care Pharmacy & Travel Clinic is a family-owned independent community pharmacy that is committed to providing you with the best possible services and products. Our services are based on your needs and we offer customization services. When you need a pharmacy that you can trust, come and visit us.

Enhanced Care Right in Your Neighbourhood

At PulseCare, we are much more than a pharmacy. Our clinical pharmacists use their Clinical experience, Expertises and vast medical knowledge to provide their best advice and help to solve the root cause of your condition, illness or disorder. By combining traditional medications, supplements and holistic approach,At Pulse Care can provide care rarely found anywhere else.

The clinical pharmacists at Pulse Care can take a deeper look at your medical records and testing to help identify underlying issues. To understand you personally, we provide in-depth consultations and comprehensive testing to understand how you can reach your full potential.

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